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Brendan Rodgers admits he was forced to sign Balotelli

Brilliant but undisciplined, these are the words that are usually used to describe Mario Balotelli as the Italian striker has displayed top class abilities but at the same time, he has been seen doing questionable things not only inside the pitch but also outside of it as well and this is why there are so many clubs and managers that haven’t taken the risk of signing him even with the talent that he has showed.

For a fee of £16 million, Mario Balotelli was signed and the main reason of why the Italian attacker was signed had to do with Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan striker was offloaded to Barcelona and Liverpool signed Balotelli as a way to fill in the spot that was left by Suarez and Balotelli was signed.

Unfortunately for Liverpool and for Brendan Rodgers who was the coach of Liverpool during this period of time, Balotelli failed to prove his worth as he struggled trying to score goals as he only managed to score 1 goal in 16 appearances.

The former Liverpool coach Brendan Rodgers has recently spoke up and said that he was actually forced to sign Mario Balotelli and that it was never actually his intention to sign the Italian forward. Read more »

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