1. Bendtner is Not Fit To Wear The Shirt says Bully after #Arsenal lose to
    #Chelsea in the Cup. #AFCvCFC #COYG

  2. We only lost because Wenger put on a rubbish squad. Wait in 2 weeks time we
    will smash Chelsea to pieces! COYG!

  3. i see where you are coming from, but tbh bro he just doesnt have the
    technical ability in my opinion, his link up play, his fitness, his
    shooting, his passing, and holding up the ball look miles of and look like
    attributes he simply doesnt have and i dont think playing time will
    suddenly make him good!!!!i think he is very average and doesnt look like
    scoring a goal!

  4. booing santos, bendtner,squillaci…by all means! just gets on my nerves so
    much when people knock youngsters, and tbh bully’s analysis are so shit!
    fairplay to the guys commitment and dedication, which tbf is much better
    than mine as in he goes every game and that! but wow he talks shit, he
    always blames the ref half the time when they’ve done fuck all wrong! and
    kicks off at some of our youngsters…and his ‘inside information and
    sources’ are even more bollucks

  5. Agree with you 100%. And I bet you he was one of those so called ‘fans’
    booing Ramsey for the past couple of years. So called fans like bully
    actually know eff all about football and talk out their backside!!!

  6. Have to disagree with Bully here. The crossing was poor all game. Bendtner
    didn’t deserve all the blame. Really the wingers were poor. Bottom line is
    that we fielded a young lineup in a competition that doesn’t matter against
    a strong Chelsea reserves team that isn’t plagued by injuries like we are.

  7. Am i the only Gooner who thinks that we should give Bendtner more playing
    chance? the lad needs confidence and seeing fans trashing him is quite sad.
    Wenger need to give him a bit more playing times and prove what he can
    achieves rather than sit him on the bench and sell him off this coming

  8. No he actually is a good player, when he went on loan to Feyenoord they
    called him ‘Ryodinho’ (adopted from Ronaldinho) and they also called him
    the ‘Japanese Messi’ it’s a lot of pressure to put on a young kid, and he
    is far from being that good but give him a chance, I think he’ll do fine.
    Would you rather have Gervinho?

  9. All the Suarez jokes yet you was all raving about getting him a few months
    ago lol dumb GOONERS.

  10. Arsenal are about to collapse big time. Bookmark and comment back on
    January to praise my foresight and suck me off.

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