1. As I mentioned on the previous video; never a penalty. Coming from behind,
    but so what? He’s on the ball, and it’s a clean tackle. Could be top 5
    tackles at the end of the season. Other than that, great video and keep em

  2. Lambert is not a completely terrible player. I wouldn’t want Wenger to buy
    him, but he is FAR (very FAR) from terrible.

  3. Walcott boss with ball at his feet, an can go past players, Santi not to
    bad either, we need a decent striker, Remy would been perfect! An some more
    cover for defence still not convinced with Koscienly, he’s improved but can
    be liability giving away daft penalties an fouls, don’t know whats
    situation with Vermalen. Depth is the key if we going mount realistic
    challenge, Barry, Wanyama, would been good additions

  4. Btw, I’m a Liverpool fan and I absolutely adore this channel. Keep up the
    good work 😉

  5. Robbie is great, Liverpool have a great one too – have you seen Redmen TV?
    Quality! (I’m Arsenal but like Redmen TV too – so funny!)

  6. Buy Ricky Lambert as a good Back up Player i think for Giroud! Reus would
    not come to Arsenal he is happy at Dortmund! We have a top Squad, we only
    need a second striker!

  7. Jenkinson has to get games tho. He’s a great right back. Still think Gnabry
    should have played.

  8. Winnable, but we didn’t deserve to win. We played so bad. Starting Jack AND
    Rambo on the wings was mad.

  9. You can blame the ref all you want, but realistically WBA had plenty of
    chances to put the game away and we were lucky to take a point away.

  10. I think instead of a CF in Jan we should get either Reus or Draxler and
    have Podolski as our second CF

  11. AW will have a real headache once most of the squad is made available
    again, judging by his dodgy line up yesterday, I’d say he will not pass the
    test once Podolski, Cazorla, OX and Theo are all back.

  12. I think wenger didnt want to play Gnabry coz Jenko was at right back and
    there would have not been any experience on the right. I would of played
    Flamini at right back and then have Rambo and Arteta in the middle and
    Gnabry on the right. Then flamini gives us experience on the right and
    Gnabry the width. Still think felt we were frustrating and didnt pass the
    ball well.

  13. Everyone is saying the ref but i don’t feel we played good enough to say
    the ref i think the tatics with wilshere & ramsey ramsey on the wing just
    doesn’t work they we should have started with gnarby or Rosicky

  14. Great conclusions Robbie; I thought Arteta and Wilshere could easily be sat
    on the bench yesterday for the likes of Rosicky and Gnabry to play. You
    could see our game goes from first gear to third once Rosicky got into the
    game. Why let Arteta and Wilshere start when they clearly slow our game
    down? This is beyond me.

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