1. Bully Talk – Bully Says Aaron Ramsey Bossed It #Arsenal #afc #coug #gooner
    #arsenalfc #CL #Fenerbahce

  2. haha merte 91 caps for germany, him and kos have the best partnership in
    the league, vertonghen is better at going forward than them 2. I’ve always
    had Ramseys back, rosicky is better than dembele, if you watched him more
    you would understand, Soldado wouldn’t be able to take long balls down and
    play in other players like giroud does, he may be a better overall striker
    though. he is like podolski up front for us, doesn’t get involved in the
    game from what I’ve seen of him for spurs so far

  3. Vertongan and Soldado yes Paulinho and Dembele maybe Townsend and Rose HELL

  4. Rose over Gibbs ? no. Paulinho would be ok but is similar to ramsey and
    wilshere. Soldado Yes. Demebele, you taking the piss ? Townsend has nothing
    over the Ox, Gnabry, Miyaichi.

  5. We will end up with no players with Spurs stalling the Bale deal to stop us
    getting the players from Madrid we want.

  6. One minute Arsenal fans are talking about a strike and boycott if there is
    no signings, a few wins against a low lesser teams and you’re now saying
    that the team is good and looking impressive. The team has zero depth. Look
    at the pathetic bench Arsenal have. That team at the minute won come top 5
    this season if not strengthened.

  7. We should not get Benzema, he has a worst goal record for France than
    Giroud even though he plays way more. Just Di Maria. Ozil won’t come, he is
    too important to madrid. Also we snap up out-of-favour Demba Ba from
    Chelsea when they sign a new striker.

  8. Soldado isn’t even doing well. 2 goals but from penalties and he isn’t
    doing well getting involved with their buildup. Last game didn’t even
    ATTEMPT and aerial duel of which Giroud wins like 4 a game. I’d take
    Vertonghen or Dembele. Soldado is just Hype

  9. You do realize Vertonghen picked Spuds over Arsenal because he’d get very
    limited playing time in our squad, right? The delusion is too damn high in
    this one.

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