1. We Made Liverpool Look Ordinary says Super fan Claude. #Arsenal #Liverpool

  2. we only looked ordinary because we wer missing our 2 main full backs and
    rodgers changed the formation and put flannagen on for some reason ?
    however when we had coutinho on we dominated the rest of the game and on
    another day we could have made it a draw wen suarez could have sweteed it
    to sturridge and hendersons horrible miss . 

  3. We made u look shit. You’ve played well this season, but your team’s whole
    setup fell apart at the seams in this game. Gerrard went missing & looked
    old. Lucas & Henderson can’t raise it against real players. SAS showed
    their not the greatest combo. Lack of service throughout the game caused
    them to forget every good thing they’ve done together all season & become
    too selfish in critical areas at critical times in the match. Every Arsenal
    player was great. Yr midfield & defence were poor. End of

  4. Made Liverpool look ordinary? did we watch the same game? I like arsenal
    but comments like that annoy me , Liverpool didn’t play better or worse
    than arsenal both teams played really good fast paced football and was good
    to watch , we even had even possession and similar amount of shots the game
    was pritty even to me only difference was arsenal’s finishing was better
    ,on another day could of easily been the other way round (now just waiting
    for some idiot to reply with an aggressive comment)

  5. Shud lay off ryo… Wasnt that bad against chelski, hard to gt in a game
    wen ur trying to linkup / play off bendtner, jenk had a poor game aswell so
    didnt really hve much support on his side to shine… Still showed alot of
    energy and tracked back wen needed to…

  6. ya thats what i keep saying,they’re singing saying teams are shit,but just
    watch,typical Arsenal soon,no trophies,back to blaming wenger

  7. I agree, they’re all deluding themselves into thinking they are going to
    win the league, just after 10 games. I bet they will hit a brick wall and
    probably end up 4th, like usual.

  8. speaking of the japanese ronaldo, when i went to the arsenal chelsea game
    last week, there was a fan in front of me that looked exactly like ryo

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