1. A much as I love Gibbs and the way he is performing right now, I want nacho
    to get amongst the starting 11 soon

  2. all well and good. Recalls 2007 when Eduardo was scoring them for fun.
    Watch out for Shawcrosses etc. when we’re on this kind of form.

  3. tbh we killed ourselfs in that final… due to lehmens rush of blood to the
    head and so on… bt neways hope we continue to do well and lets hope we
    get that striker in jan cause its a long hard season!!

  4. Shut up about comparing ramsey wilshere they are in the same team! Ramsey
    is back to his best and wilshere is getting better and better!

  5. @mof enni He said “for a pool 1 English team”, I don’t know if you have
    watched football for that long but City haven’t competed in the Champions
    until they were bought over which means they’re the small boys in Europe
    and were 3rd or 4th seeds in that group if I’m not wrong.

  6. Wouldn’t it be great come may, wenger holding up the CL trophy, maybe
    something else as well 😀

  7. Remember a few years back before Aarons leg break when both him and jack
    came into the arsenal team Ramsey was the better of the 2.

  8. Ahah, this is the first major team Arsenal face. Ahah shows how sh!t
    Tottenham are! Spuds don’t stand a chance in anything

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