1. Id like to see benteke come to arsenal, or still go in for suarez january,
    u cant keep a player who does not wanna stay at the club, arsenal fans know
    this more than anyone. Glad to be top of table, need spuds to fuck off then
    feel much sweeter, as brendan rodgers said when liverpool was top for
    couple days ‘gives u something to fight for’ hope we can fight to stay at
    top leaving gaps from the rival clubs.

  2. we are doing well. The only problem is that we have conceded 6 goals
    already and need to tighten up at the back like last season where we had
    the second best defence in the prem

  3. Hey Robbie, Very surprised no one mentioned Ozil 2 assists from set pieces.
    Hopefully this is an indication that Walcott will no longer takes them.

  4. definitely but the goals isnt the most important his work around the middle
    setting up chances allways filling the gap we really needed to fill i
    thought we have had a gap in our attacks hes filling that now and its so
    important and i think thats why he gets his goals.

  5. me and my brothers use to play for the youth team we were the rising stars
    the triplets now were forgotten

  6. flamini left so what? you can get too OTT with this loyalty crap. clubs
    aren’t loyal to players that aren’t playing well so why do players get
    stick from fans for lack of loyalty, he came back and is playing well, that
    takes courage to do. that fan look a bit fanatical anyway

  7. I know Bendtner has gotten a LOT of hate during the last years because of
    his attitude, but guys, we have given people a chance before, it’s time for
    us to do so again with Bendtner. I have always loved him as a player.
    Remember what he did for us when Chamakh and RvP was out? He scored so many
    important goals for us. Just look at his goals vs City, Newcastle and
    Ipswich in 10/11 season, absolutely brilliant! COME ON BENDTNER!

  8. No world class strikers will leave in january, other than perhaps
    Lewandowski. I’d be surprised if he would go anywhere else than Bayern. The
    top teams that are not in the CL, will make as much by keeping their top
    players and qualifying. The ones that won’t sell and the players will be
    cuptied. Has anyone ever said you look a bit like Forest Whitaker at times?
    🙂 Thanks for the refollow, keep up the job!

  9. You got my vote for all the categories in the football blogging awards.
    #Arsenal4Life #ArsenalFanTV4Life!!!!!

  10. Michu or Benteke for PL, Robert Lewandowski CL to help Giroud Kroos, Lars
    Bender DM Ashley Williams CB keep Rams happy with a fellow Welshmen.

  11. Does any1 think we can win the UCL this year? if yes say why , if no say
    what we need to do in order to win it

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