1. We’re here to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Öz,
    because because because…
    because of the wonderful things he does

  2. Here’s the chant I made
    The thing is I never made one before:

    Özil was not easy to find
    He fucks up you’re kind
    Then screws with you’re mind
    Serves easy assists because you’re all blind
    Then when you’re standing still
    Just “WAIT UNTIL”
    He uses his skill
    He goes for the kill
    While you’re looking ill
    Trust me people it was a thrill
    By the way the name is Özil

    Being a huge massive fan of Muhammad Ali I like to rhyme as well!!!!!!
    Had nothing to do during that day, so I thought why not make a chant to my
    new favorite Arsenal FC player!!!!!!!!! 

  3. Don’t you English think that you need a bit more creativity in your chants.
    Whole Premier League is made of 10 similar chants. 🙂 Wonderful league, bad
    fans. Sorry no fans, its audience. :)

  4. #Arsenal FC Mesut #Ozil #Chant At Debut Match V #Sunderland #AFC #coyg
    #afcaway #fans #mesutozil

  5. that was the first match hes actual 2 chants are theres only one mesut ozil
    (ozil wonderland inherited from dennis bergkamp) and How does it feel to be
    Tottenham? How does it feel to be small? You sold Bale, we signed Mesut
    Öziiiiiil, Mesut Öziiiiil.

  6. He’s injured. Will be out for awhile. I don’t think he’s back until late
    October, early November.

  7. I say it should replace the Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi! With “Ozil Ozil
    Ozil oi oi oi!!”

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