1. That Arsenal team was still the strongest under Wenger’s management. Our
    fortune became a downward spiral since this final…. the rest is history.

  2. 18 minutes in and Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann is given a Red card then
    Robert Pires is sacrificed in order for Arsenal to play with 10 men 4
    minutes later Eboue has attained a Yellow card had it been 11 v 11 and
    aside from Eto’o offside goal Arsenal would have won

  3. Its funny how people say the refs won it for barca. They dont say that we
    had puyol, ronaldinho, eto’o, deco, etc.

  4. Arsenal FC! We’re by far the greatest team.. The world has ever seen!
    Heart-breaking match.. But Arsenal Till i die!

  5. The saddest day of football history……
    Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! No Aresnal!!!!!!! u guys should’ve won!!!!!!!

  6. The worst thing about it for me is that Barca scored 2 goals in like 5
    minutes 🙁 Ah well, our time will come

  7. i cried a lot when seeing this video again
    henry is class, in my opinion he’s better than ronaldinho at that
    time.barcelona won because of the lehman’s redcard and at least they have
    Giuly xD
    by the way, Giberto Silva is a beast. totally a beast

  8. To think, if we won this match Wenger would have gone out in the summer to
    buy big names as all big names want to move to the champions league
    winners, Henry would have probably decided to stay also and Arsenal’s
    history since 2006 could have been so much different. 

  9. Lovely presentation here of soccer stars- felt sorry for the player in dug
    out; all injured and I could only imagine how much he wanted to be on the

  10. Its funny to see how arogant the comentators are after the 1-0 and then
    they suddennly get quite.

  11. from barca point of view, sending off the keeper was a great decision. From
    arsenal point of view, it was a terrible. From a spectator point of view,
    leaving arsenal down a man in the middle of the first half in a champions
    league final completely changing the balance of the game, is the worst ref
    decision ever made.

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