1. Why the fuck people have this annoying fetish to cram their personal
    favorite music in every video they make? Holy shit it doesn’t make the game
    more epic, just pretentious.

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  3. you too clearly know FUCK ALL about football, considering every top manager
    tells his forwards to defend from the top to regain possesion quickly,
    which was one of the reasons ozil was allowed to leave he didnt put any
    effort in defending, ignorant stupid cunts like you piss me off too much

  4. from 2-0 up one goal disallowed playing 2-2 chould have bin 3-3 lucky barca
    neymar beutiful acrion butt then simulating opstruction ?

  5. You know nothing about football , fanboy. I bet you’re some 13 years old
    wanking on every single useless play Neymar does.

  6. This is the way I like it. Neymar, Messi, and a wonderful show develops in
    the Camp Nou! 🙂

  7. Did you now about Morocco … It’s a great pays of footballers and thanks
    you for riding.that comment ….bay

  8. “neymar is world class but bale is TWICE as good” “bale also used to be
    left back so he is much strong and better at deffending (defending) than
    neymar” well im glad madrid realized bales defending potential! …even
    though hes a forward…….

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