1. LOL, Funny title
    If he won all champions with BARCA , he wouldn’t be one of them
    He is admiring ARSENAL , and he is our legend not your Legend
    Fucking Team = BARCA

  2. People saying he is only an Arsenal legend.. True his prime was at
    Arsenal.. But look at all the trophies he achieved with Barcelona!! And he
    actually got his Champions League with Barca! 

  3. legends its when you get your team in the glory and than you are a legend
    for that team.henry its a legend for barca.bud arsenal got better team just
    for that henry play there.bud you was sow shit and never bring to him a
    champions league titles.he just lose her time in arsenal

  4. Henry = legend where ever he goes. Period. U think he ain’t a red bulls
    legend already? U must be smoking

  5. How dare you say that King Henry is the legend of Uefalona ? His blood is
    red & white , he is a GUNNER .

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