1. Sorry guys but i have to remove the song because of copyright and the music
    was: Starlight (Collin McLoughlin Remix)

  2. Only played a few games for Arsenal, and has adapted so fast, as well as
    assisting so many. World Class player. only improvement i’d ask for, is he
    needs to up his fitness level, this isn’t La liga slow football!

  3. Great video! We love Football too! 🙂
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    Amazing Twin Brothers(Aged 6) – Football&Soccer&Parkour

    Playing Football is FUN…My best skills video yet! 🙂


  4. See Arsene you bought big and it has payed off! I hope that you buy another
    big name – a £30 million plus player at some point. This January wouldn’t
    be a bad idea. Doing this will not make us Chelsea or Man city. Mesut,
    you’re the best!!

  5. Mate I suggest you to upload this video to Vimeo, and post it here, its a
    shame if we watch this video without the song, fcking YT

  6. Özil is the only reason why i think Arsenal can,, really,, win premier
    league this season.

  7. Isco is better than him… But still wouldn’t have let go of Ozil. Would
    find a formation to suit both these talented individuals.

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