1. Its good that they waited last minuite cause if they made the deal before
    it would make other clubs try and get better stars but in last minuite they
    dont have time to get any stars so good move

  2. No, he was right. Ozil did not fix our problems. He gave us a lift and has
    helped the rest of the players play better, but we are still leaking goals
    when we should keep clean sheets. We have the best midfield in the league,
    but our defence and striker positions are still lacking.

  3. when smthing positive happens, everyone thinks positives. currently we are
    first and in fantastic form 🙂

  4. I hope you are joking. Walcott is one of our best players and I can’t wait
    to see him playing with Özil.

  5. please tell me what our problems are, we lost 1 game since the Bayern game,
    we beat Tottenham without Özil, Giroud is a goal-scoring machine, Ramsey is
    in great form, all the injured players are coming back, tottenham lost
    bale, tell me our problems please…..

  6. He’s a sheep, and he’s following the rest of the sheep who slammed Wenger
    and the board for that referee influenced opening day result against Villa.

  7. Keep in mind this is a start to a lot of new things which makes us Arsenal
    fans happy, I agree that people who actually think we could win the league
    with Ozil are being stupid but aslong Giroud doesn’t get injured it’s
    alright. In january we probably sign a striker for depth

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