1. how you resist to play thiat shit games. they say pes is simulation. peh i
    just lol that. even you cant control your players how you want. so that pes
    is just let you what you can do. you must choose what you can do. you are
    not free. if you feel your self free at pes you are stupid. pes is nothing
    more than shit. if you are not reaction about that shit. konami continue to
    sell you shit every year. fifa now is better but its also need to develope.

  2. Hahahah look at these faces!! Pes is shit!!! Its gameplay is aweful . You
    cant control the game!! Fifa is way better than this shit so shut your
    mouth pes fans!! You know that fifa is better but you dont admitt it!! 

  3. You know whats funny about PES that PC PES is still better than a PS3 PES
    or XBOX PES and FIFA is better because ? Simply HAS ALL TEAMS FIFA just
    need to get licenses from UEFA and PES would Be NOTHING 

  4. I always love pes more than fifa but pes 2014 is a complete disaster, this
    could be the worst pes version ever. I hope KONAMI will stop trying to make
    pes engine like fifa, because they are really screwed on this one, i want
    pes back.

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