1. @xbENNNEHHhx Never really got into MLS that much, I find Liga and EPL much
    more exciting. Are you a City or United fan 😛

  2. Haha, they’re doing a lot better than last season. Their treble turned into
    a sextuple and they’re still undefeated in La Liga.

  3. Actually, in European football, you can make up for a shitty defense with a
    crazy strong attack. Also, I wouldn’t say that Madrid has a weak midfield…

  4. @CoolCanadianGuy7 youre from canada and youre saying ‘we’ are getting…
    like youre from madrid lol..you support where ever youre from…..hi from

  5. madridz defense and midfield is amazin wen yu’ve got ramos as a right
    back…and pepe as a central defender…wa can go rong ? wivv gago, the 2
    diarra’z…and ALONSO…yur defensive midfield is at its best do i need 2
    talk about our attackin options ?

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