1. TAta’s line up is very good, should of put in Masche instead of Pique
    though, Masche nd bartra are a very good duo

  2. if tata saw the 2-0 match in champions league 2011 he wouldn’t sell
    afellay, how he came on for pedro and gave an assist to messi, he just
    ruined mourinho’s plans 

  3. Bartra should be getting more playing time. He has the potential to become
    a good defender and he also shows commitment and passion.

  4. it’s funny how these are grown men but when you look at videos like this
    they act like school kids….

  5. Well the Champions League is decided. BAYERN MÜNICH won again. They sign
    Robert Lewandowski. – game over

  6. @LivingStarDust: why would you want him back? So he can play one game and
    be injured for 2-3 games. Puyol should retire, he’s wasting Barca’s time nd
    money. Give Bartra the shot, he’s younger and already better than puyol.

  7. Please let Messi play! We need him! 🙁 If only for a few minutes please
    please let him play!

  8. @AlanRueda He can’t play for Bayern, because he played CL for Dortmund. You
    can’t play CL in 2 teams.

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